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Dongguan datangshengshi intelligent technology co., LTD


Project name: 3d printing metal octopus

Craft: SLM selective laser melting

Printing materials: metal powder

3d printing printing manufacturers: datangshengshi metal

Recommended: metal 3d printers

The print size: 150 * 150 * 100 mm

Technology advantage: 3d printing a integrated, printing speed, high accuracy, good surface quality, high density parts

Print cycle: 1 day

Product use: appearance design, structure model validation, furnishing articles



Project analysis

After receiving the customer sent the 3 d drawings, according to the customer specified requirements, the preliminary analyst on the process analysis and make the manufacturing process. Octopus tentacles complex, interlocking between joints tentacles, a high degree of freedom. 3 d printing is very suitable for print this difficult design work, with complex layers of hollow out or nested structure, traditional craft difficult to achieve, through 3 d printing can be quickly present perfectly, one-time molding complex structure, greatly reduced production cost, shorten production cycle. After evaluation we choose SLM selective laser melting molding process to realize the model of a integrated.

Production process

1, help customers to optimize the structure of design after export the STL format data file, then import Magics software slicing;


2, after the completion of the slice slice file upload to FrotoFab SLM150 metal printer, SLM150 metal 3 d printers for programming the introspection and efficacy, and then carries on the selective laser melting 3 d printing;

3, FrotoFab SLM150 metal printer scraper single-phase spread powder, laser melt forming area of the solidification speed, print with high efficiency, repeating the selective laser melting/shop powder, so until the workpiece forming;

4, after the completion of the printing substrate, the substrate metal powder on removing excess, octopus with metal base has emerged, 3 d printing a integrated, printing speed;

5, the metal base cutting, the octopus tentacles all joint can be flexible movement, modelling is vivid, abrasion resistant to fall off, the surface of the excellent print quality and fine print effect.



Datangshengshi intelligent technology co., LTD., dongguan city, is located in the famous manufacturing city - dongguan, focusing on design of 3 d printing, metal processing, customized production and application, to provide new and old users, high temperature alloy, titanium alloy cobalt chromium alloy, aluminum alloy, steel and other hundred kinds of 3 d printing metal processing services and integrated solutions. Datangshengshi metal for many years experience in 3 d printing, print high precision (error is less than 0.05 mm), after-sale guarantee, not satisfied to redo.

Datangshengshi with large scale high precision metal 3 d printer, CNC machining center, lathe, milling machine, grinder, sparks machine, vacuum complex mode machine and other peripheral equipment, the company has 10 years of experience in precision metal parts processing, with reliable quality, the ideal structure, quick hand-board model time to launch its own products, to customers to grab business opportunities provided favorable conditions. Our management team is young, energetic, full of pioneering spirit, we have a group of experienced, the work is responsible for the workers, manual fine partners, our working environment clean and tidy, all of these fine hand-board model manufacture provides perfect protection.

Company currently has perfect management system, and continuously strengthening internal management, improve the skill level of all employees and management ability at the same time "to the quality to win customers trust, win the confidence of the customer with technology, with services to win customer satisfaction, win customers with sincere affection" is the goal of all colleague; "High efficiency, excellent quality, accurate delivery, customer satisfaction" is the consistent development goals of all colleague, believe that only have to fly over the progress of the solid foundation. Has always been the company adhered to the "integrity, excellence, innovation, value, and win-win" spirit of enterprise, "dedicated, mutual benefit, Thanksgiving" business philosophy, to the "quality assurance, reasonable price, prompt delivery, service first" for the principle, to "promote metal 3 d printing technology in the field of industrial efficiency, effectiveness and efficiency" as the era mission, company reputation has been well received by customers.