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In recent years, metal 3 d printing the size of the market is rising year by year, especially in the medical market. According to statistics, in 2014 the global market size of 3 d printing is $4 billion, China's market scale growth to $600 million, 3 d printing industry in the future will continue to maintain rapid growth. In recent years, the global 3 d printing market scale is rising year by year, especially in the medical market, the future 3 d printing industry will maintain rapid growth. Below, we take a look at the advantages of 3 d printing metal.

1, all things can be printed, any complex structure can be a molding, without welding, can save a lot of time.

2, a variety of optional metal materials, commonly used materials include stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, steel, tantalum powder, nano tungsten powder, spherical tantalum powder, spherical tungsten powder, cobalt chromium alloy, nickel chromium alloy, copper, etc.

3, to reduce the cost of development, help to optimize the design of the product, such as complex and reasonable structure instead of the original solid body, make the finished product weight is lower and mechanical performance is better, metal 3 d printing technology can effectively shorten the development cycle, manufacturing development comprehensive cost can be reduced by about 50%.

4, printing product quality is stable, the SLM - laser district melting technology, printing product quality is stable, high strength, high precision, long life.

Compared with traditional CNC hand-board technology, using 3 d printing, metal in the material utilization ratio and has a very prominent one advantage, and the printing way compared to the traditional processing technology, is actually can save a lot of material, so in terms of cost control is very good.

Second, usually by metal 3 d printed products in the field of mechanical performance also has a prominent advantage, due to its in the process of printing can achieve rapid solidification, thus printed products generally in terms of quality is not traditional metallurgical method made some defects of the product.

Datangshengshi - 3 d printing one-stop service platform, focusing on design of 3 d printing, metal processing, customized production and application, to provide new and old users, high temperature alloy, titanium alloy cobalt chromium alloy, aluminum alloy, steel and other hundred kinds of 3 d printing metal processing services and integrated solutions. Datangshengshi metal for many years experience in 3 d printing, print high precision (error is less than 0.05 mm), after-sale guarantee, not satisfied to redo.

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