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  3d Print since birth was detained on production revolution hat. But the revolutionaries in disappeared after he was born. Is reduced to a toy. Most main reason is that the current 3d Print technology has significant defects, these defects greatly restricted the development of 3d Print in industry.

  A. The printing speed is very slow
  Used knows, began to print then you can go to bed. When doing the project, I print a Kindle e-ink reader shell requires 24 hours, and the rough surface. Someone laugh at 3d Print is longer than the mushrooms are slowly. This time is not the fatal for industrial production. But must print it out and precision is not enough, can only do the test. The most important is time for the test. This is very embarrassing. Don't say is not low cost.
  2. Printing products with mechanical defects
  Here is no longer whether smooth tactility. But on the surface of microscopic structure. Under a microscope the concave-convex structure can reduce the strength of the material.
  On the left is the most 3d Print production material, on the right is the ideal material
  In 2015 a TED talk to 3d Print industry brought a pleasant surprise. The speaker called Joseph Desimon, is a materials scientist. He created the new technology to make up for a 3d Print most of the defects. No mechanical defects produced materials, at the same time quickly. Print the size of a table tennis complex structure sphere only take a few minutes. The makerbot the traditional printing devices need one to two hours. Remember at that time really is amazing to see video. But everyone knows the laboratory technology and there is a real commercial technology. Some innovation life could not go out. Like graphene battery technology, every year there are new progress, but these years new technology distance commercialization with a distance of twenty-five thousand li long march. Also thought that 3d Print everything will become amateur. I didn't expect that TED talk of the brewing company should make a big thing.
  2017.4.7 adidas announced that they began to 3d Print soles of shoes. Originally this is not news, who want to try new techniques, GanGan trend, improve the sense of existence. In June 2016, for example, adidas has released a 3d Print shoes below, ocean of recycled waste.
  You a look at the recycling waste to understand, ah, hit a green card, no one expects to have more progress. Didn't want to be a adidas under a big move, this is just for April 7 big action.
  April 7th adidas besides released 3d Print, also said to be mass production, and it is Carbon 3d cooperation company, the TED talk company. It seems the materials scientists predicted