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what fields can metal 3d printing be used in?

At present, metal 3D printing is widely used in: mold field, industrial field, automotive field, medical field, aerospace field, etc


detailed introduction of metal 3d printing application areas:

First of all, we introduce the application of the mold field, the use of SLM metal 3D printing process can directly print the mold of the conformal waterway, and the conformal cooling waterway OK Better close to injection molded products, heat dissipation balance cooling speed is fast, cooling cycle is shortened, production efficiency increased by more than 35%. The conformal cooling circuit makes the mold temperature distribution uniform, effectively prevents product warpage deformation, cracking edge, bubble trachoma drawing and other product defects, realizes the infinity of product design, and reduces manual participation. The product molding cycle can be greatly shortened, and multiple links can reduce costs!

Industrial field: At present, many industrial sectors have adopted metal 3D printing as their daily machine, and almost all use metal 3D printing technology in prototyping and model production. At the same time, when producing some large parts, metal 3D printing technology will also be used to print out parts and assemble them. Compared with traditional processes, 3D printing technology can reduce time and cost, and can also complete a larger production volume.

Automotive: Metal 3D printing has not been used in the automotive industry for too long, but it has great potential and rapid development. At present, many well-known automobile manufacturers at home and abroad are seriously studying how to use metal 3D printing technology to reform production methods. At the same time, metal 3D printing can directly print out the exact same product as the drawing, without opening the mold. Greatly accelerate the R & D cycle, for product development and design has brought great convenience! Whether it is a car engine housing to a small parts sheet metal part, it can be quickly realized with metal 3D printing.

Medical field: prosthetic implants are usually used in metal 3D printing, the advantage of using metal 3D printing technology *** is naturally customizable, doctors can implant design according to the specific situation of the patient, As a result, the patient's treatment process is less painful and the implant is closer to the original limb.

Aerospace field: Many of the world's top companies have begun to use metal 3D printing technology to achieve the development of national defense, aerospace and other fields. 3D printing of jet engine manufacturing parts has been realized, which is enough to prove the ability of metal 3D printing.

More metal 3D printing application areas, Datang Shengshi is under development!

Metal 3D printing customization is to the Tang Dynasty!