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Metal 3d printing guide (b)

Mar 25, 2022

Remember that the sintering step is associated with significant part shrinkage. This shrinkage is non-uniform and difficult to predict with high accuracy. In practice, multiple trial prints are required to end up with a CAD file that will result in a part with the desired final dimensions. However, the repeatability of the process is very good. This means that larger volumes of this part can be fabricated after successful calibration.

Metal 3d printing guide (c)

Mar 25, 2022

In generative design, the analysis produces multiple candidate designs rather than a single output. The resulting designs are all manufacturable and meet design requirements. This way, the designer can explore different solutions and choose the one that suits the application (eg, based on secondary trade-offs).

3d printing copper cooling plate has better cooling efficie

Mar 25, 2022

It is understood that this cooling plate is specially used in data centers and is a liquid cooling system, due to its complex geometry, it has better performance in terms of heat exchange and liquid pressure drop, and the cooling efficiency is also higher. Moreover, the 3D printed one-piece structure reduces assembly requirements and is easier to maintain.

3D printing is streamlining the automotive industry

Mar 25, 2022

According to Formlabs, a fully 3D printed car is still far away, but 3D printing is changing the automotive industry in other ways. Skoda isn't the only manufacturer using 3D printing technology to change the way they produce cars. Bentley Motors used the technology to create detailed parts for their concept car EXP 10 Speed ​​6. Volkswagen has combined 3D printing with traditional manufacturing to recreate the iconic 1962 Microbus. 3D parts made some improvements to the van, and the gasoline en

what fields can metal 3d printing be used in?

Apr 8, 2022

Medical field: prosthetic implants are usually used in metal 3D printing, the advantage of using metal 3D printing technology *** is naturally customizable, doctors can implant design according to the specific situation of the patient, As a result, the patient's treatment process is less painful and the implant is closer to the original limb.